College Now

The College Now program is a partnership with Linn-Benton Community College that allows Corvallis High School students to earn both a credit from the high school and college credit from LBCC.

College Now Explained

College Now allows students to earn college credits towards a certificate, degree, or vocational program while in high school for free. Because College Now students get a head start, the program can shorten the time spent earning a certificate, degree, or vocational training and prepares students to experience a college-level course before transitioning into college. Please carefully read the following information about how the College Now program works, and consult with Beyond CHS or a counselor before making the decision to add a College Now course.

Transcript Implications

Participation in a College Now course means the beginning of a permanent college transcript. A college transcript is an official record of the courses taken, grades earned and credits awarded at a college or university. Final grades earned through College Now will be posted on the student’s LBCC transcript and will be included in the student’s cumulative GPA at LBCC, so it is recommended to only add courses where the student will earn grades of A, B, and possibly C. It is also very important to monitor unofficial transcripts after each term to be sure courses, grades and credits are posted accurately. 

Financial Aid Implications

College Now credits impact some forms of grants and loans which may be available up to a certain amount of college credits. For example, Oregon Promise is a state grant that helps cover tuition at any Oregon community college for recent high school graduates and GED® test graduates. Students will be eligible for Oregon Promise as long as they have not already earned 90 college credits, and College Now credits will count toward the 90 credit limit allowed by Oregon Promise. It is therefore important to ensure that courses taken are relevant to the certificate, degree, or vocational program the student plans to pursue after high school by checking with the admissions department at the future postsecondary institution.

Transferring College Now Credits

Most community colleges and four-year institutions in Oregon will accept College Now credits. Talk with an academic advisor from the specific program at the college or university for information on how the LBCC College Now transcript will be accepted.

Taking a College Now Class

Students can register for College Now at any time, and just once for all high school College Now credits. However, enrollment in a course for College Now credit is not allowed if the student has already completed the course. 

  1. Students can register any time as a High School Partnership student on the LBCC website
  2. Classes available change each semester, based on student registrations for the year
  3. To enroll in a course, they must give their LBCC ID number to their course instructor or to Beyond CHS

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