Activities & Clubs

Corvallis High School offers an array of clubs that serve our diverse student body. Many clubs meet during lunchtime and participate in activities after the school day. All students are encouraged to become involved in CHS co-curricular activities.

CHS Clubs

Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities, including student clubs. Student groups may not discriminate on the basis of age, citizenship, color, disability, national origin, parental or marital status, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. All student groups must have a statement of  purpose for the group, description of qualifications for membership, if any, and approval by the school administrator.

Club/ActivityAdvisorDescriptionMeetsRoom #
Art ClubStephanie VillarealWe gather to create, appreciate, and discuss art.Thursdays at lunchT21
Chess ClubRobert BowmanWe play chess to promote chess appreciation and knowledge.Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch119
Club LatinoCarlos Valdes-CasillasLearn about the Latino culture and expand our knowledge about surrounding countries.Wednesdays at lunch223
Drama ClubLaura Beck-ArdWe learn about what's going on in the theater, play theater games, and hang out with other students interested in being actors and techies.2nd and 4th Fridays of the month, at lunchBlack Box Theater
French ClubTia SharpLearn about, celebrate, and spread French culture.First EVEN day of the month at lunch219
Golf Battle ClubCharlyn EllisJoin us in a friendly match of mobile golf and ease school stress.Fridays at lunch232
Green ClubJulie WilliamsPromote Earth Day awareness, recycling, and other environmental issues.Fridays at lunchH2
International Geography ClubNelson GoransonSpread appreciation of diversity at CHS and the community.Wednesdays at lunch205
Japanese ClubChieko WeilerFacilitate communication between cultures and to promote the CHS/NNHS exchange program.Tuesdays at lunch224
Jojo ClubDavid MilnerWednesdays at lunch108
Journalism ClubMatt KingPromote journalism and publish the monthly school newspaper.Wednesdays at lunch227
Key ClubNelson GoransonProvide service opportunities in the school and the community; affiliated with Key Club International.Tuesdays at lunchUpper Gym
Knitting ClubCharlyn EllisKnit and crochet for charity.Mondays at lunch232
Kpop Dance ClubChieko WeilerLearn Kpop dances and have fun.Mondays at lunch224
Logos SocietyJoel LundeenWednesdays at lunch228
Marvel Contest of ChampionsKelli RiceODD Thursdays and Fridays at lunch209
Model United Nations Rich LarroweLearn about different countries and cultures.Wednesdays at lunch206
National Honor SocietySarah TheurerNHS recognizes students who have demonstrated excellence in scholarship, service, leadership, and character.1st Wednesday of the month at lunch (except May)Upper Gym
RoboticsDenise Cardinali CHS RoboticsStudents design and build robots for competition against other high schools in the Pacific Northwest.Tuesdays and Fridays, 4-6 PMT16
SAGA (formerly QSA)Julie Williams & Millie KimesPromote understanding, acceptance and inclusion of all.Thursdays at lunchH2
Science ClubDavid MilnerPromote knowledge and interest in science.Fridays at lunch108
Speech and Debate ClubKC PerleyLearn about and enjoy debate and public speaking.Mondays, 4:30-6:30pm Wednesdays, 4:30-6:30pmCVHS (Mon) CHS Library (Wed)
UNICEF ClubLeslie GriffinEducate the CHS community about, advocate for, and fund raise for children in under-developed countries.Mondays at lunch230
Unified ClubBella ArevaloBring together students with and without intellectual disabilities.1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at lunch102
YDSA (Young Democratic Socialists of America)David MilnerImprove the lives of citizens through Democratic Socialism.Mondays at lunch108
YVC (Youth Volunteer Corps)Rich LarroweDiscuss, plan and participate in service learning projects.Mondays at lunch206
Z ClubJane KiekelProvide leadership opportunities through service to women and children in our community.Tuesdays at lunch222

ASB- Student Leadership

Corvallis High School believes that every student should have a voice. Student leaders represent the entire CHS student body. Leadership students are responsible for coordinating dances and spirit week, school events and assemblies. The student leaders for the next school year are elected in the last few months of school. For more information on student leadership, contact advisor Christa Schmeder.

Mr/Ms Spartan

The annual Mr/Ms Spartan fundraising program is a tradition at CHS. Student participants join together to coordinate fundraising activities and events for local non-profits in and around Corvallis. Activities are held throughout the year culminating with a talent show and pageant in April. Student’s have raised considerable funds for charities such as the Mario Pastega House, the ABC House, the Starker Arts Garden for Education and the Corvallis Environmental Center. For more information about this program, contact advisor Amy Knoke.

School Dances

Dances are school sponsored events, and students are expected to dress and behave in accordance with the following school guidelines/expectations:

  • Only age appropriate and edited music that is free of objectionable language and does not promote or blatantly glorify sex, drugs, alcohol or violence will be allowed.
  • Students are expected to dance in a manner that is acceptable and appropriate for a school activity.
  • Inappropriate attire or dancing (such as moshing, lifting students overhead, grinding, etc.) are not allowed.
  • Lewd and unruly behavior and profane language towards authority will not be tolerated.

Any student who violates school or district policy while at a school dance will be subject to disciplinary action and will not be permitted to attend future dances until cleared by an administrator or designee. Admittance to dances may be denied by administration due to attendance, academic progress, and/or behavior.