Family Advocacy & Support

Family advocates are available to help all students and their families get connected with resources within the school and community. We believe that students learn best when their family’s basic needs (such as shelter, food, etc.) are met.

Family Support Program Services

  • Access to our District food and hygiene pantry, and other District financial resources
  • Support navigating community resources, including housing, healthcare, emergency financial help, food pantries, employment, DHS benefits, and more.
  • Free school clothing
  • School-sponsored sports fees
  • Connecting with counseling and therapeutic support services
  • Financial help for after-school activities

Additional Support for Families

If you and your family are:

  • Living with friends or family due to loss of housing or financial hardship
  • Living in a motel, vehicle, campground, or on the street due to lack of alternative adequate accommodations
  • Living in an emergency shelter or transitional housing
  • Living in housing without electricity, running water, or other basic needs, or
  • A youth living in one of these situations without your parent or guardian

In addition to the family support services listed above, we can help you with:

  • Enrolling in school immediately, even if you are missing documents normally required for enrollment (birth certificate, vaccine record, etc.)
  • Choosing between the local school where you are living or the school last attended before losing housing, when feasible
  • Receiving transportation to and from school, and school events
  • Enrolling automatically in the free lunch program

If you feel that the school is not following the law, you can contact Sarah Devine at (541) 230-4735 for more information about your rights and the dispute resolution process.

Student Voice of Concern

At Corvallis High School, we are committed to creating a safe and culturally responsive virtual and physical space. If you have experienced any racial discrimination or if you have witnessed such an incident and would like to raise your concern, please help us by providing some information about the incident. We would like to assure you that the information provided in this form will remain as confidential as possible and not be used against you.

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