Fall Registration

REGISTAR Online Registration System to Open August 1

Annual fall online registration through REGISTAR is required for all Corvallis School District students, regardless of prior enrollment.  Online registration includes updating contact and health information, bus registration, free and reduced lunch application, parent permissions, and more.  Parents and guardians will receive new REGISTAR login instructions by mail or email in late July.  Please complete REGISTAR Online Registration prior to attending in-person registration days (August 20 or 21).  The online registration system opens on August 1.

In-Person Registration

In addition to using the REGISTAR Online System above, all students must register in person at one of the following registration days.  In-person registration includes Lifetouch school portraits, ID cards, and locker assignments.

Grades 11 and 12 Only  August 20, 1-3:30 pm and 4:30-6:30 pm

Grades 9-12  August 21, 1-3:30 pm and 4:30-6:30 pm

Makeup Registration Day  August 29, 9-12 am and 1-3 pm (Note: Lifetouch school portraits will not be available on this day.)

If you cannot attend any of the registration days, please contact CHS to make alternate arrangements after August 30th.  Early registration requests cannot be accomodated.


Corvallis High School wants to ensure the best education for your child. We have a wide variety of courses that are tailored to enhance a student's knowledge and personal ability. We strive to create learning experiences that are relevant to our students’ lives, while preparing them for life beyond high school. Project-based, community-based, internship, and service learning opportunities exist across the curriculum, exposing students to real life learning experiences.

Course Selection for 2019-2020 School Year

CHS counselors will meet individually with students to review course requests for the 2019-2020 school year. In March, current 9th graders will meet with their counselors during their Health classes, current 10th graders will meet with counselors during their English classes, and current 11th graders will meet with counselors during their Social Studies classes. The schedule is available at the link below.

Use these worksheets to organize your course selections.

Course requests are completed online through the following link.

Instructions to help you navigate the REGISTAR system are available at the link below.

Course Selection Lesson

The following information was presented to students during Advisor on March 4, and it may answer your questions about the course selection process.

Advanced Placement and Honors Courses

Advanced Placement and honors courses provide students the opportunity to learn at a deeper level and faster pace. These courses require students to have disciplined study habits and an eager attitude toward learning. The amount of homework in these courses, while not always greater than regular courses, frequently demands extended preparation time beyond the classroom. Student participation in academically challenging courses is voluntary, although some courses require instructor approval for admission.

Career and Technical Education

At CHS, we learn through study and experience. With the Career and Technical Education (CTE) program we provide our students with real-life experiences. Students can gain industrial and applied technology experience- skills like woodworking, welding, automotive mechanics, industrial design, and engineering drafting. Other popular courses include Child Development, Culinary Arts, Digital Arts, and Computer Science.