Sources of Strength

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In a continuing effort to prevent suicide among young people, the Corvallis School District has implemented Sources of Strength, an evidence-based program that utilizes friends and peers to prevent suicide.

Sources of Strength - A Suicide Prevention Program

Sources of Strength is a proactive program that strengthens peer social networks and aims to change unhealthy norms and culture. The program empowers student peer leaders to connect with each other and with staff advisors. Its goal is to change social norms around seeking help, and to create a culture of empowerment, hope, and gratitude. By increasing awareness, building skills, and openly addressing the issue of suicide, our goal is to provide hope and strength for those who are facing personal challenges.

Select students will focus on one of these eight sources of support to develop a school-wide campaign: family, generosity, healthy activities, medical access, mental health, positive friends, mentors, and spirituality. For more information about the program, please contact Mr. Reed or Ms. Garcia.