Counseling Department

Our school counselors support all students at CHS with academic planning, career guidance, and personal/social support. School counselors also provide crisis intervention support at school. They can help students and families access individual mental health counseling with trained therapists, or help students connect to community resources.

CHS counselors

Meet with your school counselor

School counselors provide classroom guidance lessons in the 9th grade Health and Spartan Success classes throughout the year, and provide career guidance lessons and personal/social lessons in the 10th and 11th grades. Every student meets individually with their counselor in the spring to plan academically for the following school year. All 12th grade students can have individual sessions with their counselors to help plan their post high school experiences.

No appointment is needed during drop-in time. CHS counselors are available for drop-in visits during lunch on most days.

If you prefer to make an appointment with your counselor for a specific day or time, call the counseling office at (541) 757-5910, or contact your counselor using the links below.

The CHS Counseling Team


Why have school counselors?

Students in schools with more fully implemented comprehensive counseling programs report high grades, increased perceptions of safety, and feeling better prepared for the future. (Lapan, Gysbers, & Petroskis, 2003)

Professional school counselors serve as a stabilizing force in the school community

  • during crisis events
  • while mediating conflict
  • in consulting with staff and parents
  • as community outreach partners

Ordering Transcripts

Current students and alumni can request official and unofficial transcripts via Parchment, an online service that provides a privacy-protected, trackable, and overall efficient process for ordering and sending transcripts. Transcript requests are FREE for current students only. Former students will need to pay a fee.

Current students should have received an email with links to complete their Parchment account registration. Please note that this link is unique to each student, and should not be shared with other students. Alumni and students without a unique registration link can use the link below to set up their account.

Requesting a Letter of Recommendation

You should begin this process at least four weeks before the letter is due ​in order to give your teachers or counselors enough time to complete your letter(s). If you have an emergency, negotiate specifically with the individual teacher or counselor.

Student Voice of Concern

At Corvallis High School, we are committed to creating a safe and culturally responsive virtual and physical space. If you have experienced any racial discrimination or if you have witnessed such an incident and would like to raise your concern, please help us by providing some information about the incident. We would like to assure you that the information provided in this form will remain as confidential as possible and not be used against you.

Please fill out the form at the button below.


Our staff counselors ascribe to the American School Counselor Association’s  (ASCA) Ethical Standards for School Counselors (2016), which may be found at

It is reported that 98% of 13- to 18-year-olds consider confidentiality as essential or important in a school counseling relationship, (Collins & Knowles, 1995.) At the same time, parents have legal and inherent rights to be the guiding voice in their child’s life. (ASCA, 2016)

As professional school counselors, we take both our obligation to students and our obligations beyond the student seriously. With a core belief in developing collaborative relationships with all parties involved, we seek a balance driven by the best interest of the student. We must breach confidentiality in the following circumstances: if the student’s safety is at risk, the safety of a third party is at risk, or when ordered by a court of law. In situations where a breach of confidentiality may be warranted but isn’t necessarily required by law, we will consult with other counseling professionals about the appropriateness of a possible breach. (ASCA, 2016)