Frequently Asked Questions

Most commonly asked questions are listed here with answers and resource links.

Add/Change/Drop Classes

Courses may be dropped within the first five weeks of the semester with no grade penalty. Any course dropped after this date will result in an F grade on the transcript. Courses may be added/changed, depending on available space, during the first week of the semester. Visit the Counseling office for assistance.

Back to School- Registration, New Student Orientation, First Day of School

Online registration opens August 1. Login instructions will be sent to student guardians in early August. Online registration includes updating contact and health information, bus registration, free and reduced lunch application, parent permissions, etc. Corvallis School District requires online (re)registration in August for every student, regardless of prior enrollment.

Bell Schedules

Classes meet following an odd/even daily schedule. Bell schedules vary between odd/even days. You can find the bell schedules on our website or pick up a copy on the wall rack located outside the main office or in the Counseling Center.

Computers and Electronic Devices

In order to have access to computers at CHS, all students and parents/guardians must sign a one-time “Technology Acceptable Use Agreement Form.” The form is included the registration process at the beginning of the year. Students are allowed to access computers before and after school (7:30 am to 3:30 pm), during off blocks, and in classes with teacher approval and supervision. Computers are available for student use in the Library/Media Center. Library/Media Center or Technology staff are available to provide assistance. Internet access is available for students at CHS. With this privilege comes the responsibility to follow CHS guidelines when accessing the internet while at school.

Dress Code

CHS recognizes the right to free expression and the value of diversity, including diversity in dress and general appearance. The purpose of dress and grooming guidelines is to teach and uphold community standards, and create an inclusive environment to promote learning and support a professional approach to academics. Articles of clothing and accessories may not create a safety hazard to the individual student or others. This also applies to students participating in special activities. Wearing sunglasses in the building is not permitted unless health-mandated. Non-medical use masks (i.e. costume masks) and complete face paint are NOT allowed at school or school activities. Specific guidelines may be found on the Student Conduct page.

Excusing a Tardy

Students are expected to be on time to each class. Students arriving more than 10 minutes late to class will be marked unexcused for that portion of the class.

Free and Reduced-Price School Meals

Forms are available in multiple locations: main office, Counseling office, Beyond CHS, and online. More information about this program can be found on the district’s Food and Nutrition Services Department web page.

Getting to School

School bus riders must register online. Bus transportation information can be found on the bus routes page on the district website. All student and staff vehicles must have a CHS parking pass (sticker). Students must complete an application for a parking pass on the wall rack outside of the main office. Turn in your completed form to Justin Volker at the main office. Bicycles must be parked in designated areas on school grounds and locked to the structures provided. No bikes should be locked to any gates or fences. Students are strongly encouraged to use a U-style, rigid bike lock, engrave your student ID number onto your bike, and register your bike and its serial number in the main office.

Lost and Found

Located in the Counseling office. Please talk to the student aide on duty or visit the Counseling office.

Make an Appointment with a Counselor

Visit the Counseling office and ask to set up an appointment with your counselor for class advising. Students may also request an appointment with a mental health support counselor in the Counseling office.

Reporting a Theft or Safety Issue

Students are encouraged to report incidents of theft, harassment, and other offenses as soon as possible. All incidents should be reported to an administrator or behavior specialist. Students can be assured that reporting an incident is confidential and safe. In the case of theft, students may be asked to fill out an incident report. Students are also encouraged to refrain from leaving valuable items in places where they may be stolen.

School Lockers

Lockers are assigned at registration. Students have full responsibility for making certain their locker is locked. If you have forgotten your locker combination or if the locker won’t open, please see Amy Mayfield or Courtney Ponder in the Attendance Office. Lockers and other district storage areas provided for student use remain under the jurisdiction of the district. The district reserves the right to inspect all lockers, including PE lockers. Valuables and unsealed food should never be stored in student lockers.

School Supplies

Starting in 2016, in order to lessen the financial burden on families, our district began to shorten school supply lists and include only those items for personal use. For high school students, this change means that items such as graphing calculators are optional and will be provided at no charge and workbooks will be provided at no cost to families. Personal school supplies are still required and include those items that are carried from class to class by a student.

All high school students are encouraged to bring basic personal supplies, including a pen or pencil and paper, on the first day of school. If you are unable to provide these items, they will be provided to your student at no cost. Please contact the school counseling office for confidential assistance.

Student ID Cards

Student ID cards are issued at the beginning of the school year. Students are strongly encouraged to carry their student ID cards at all times while at school. An ID card is required to check out books from the library and at times, students may be required to produce their ID cards as proof of attendance at CHS. Student ID cards are also required to attend sporting events and school dances. A replacement student ID card may be purchased for $5 from the Attendance office. TIP: Students are encouraged to keep photos of their ID cards on their cellphone.


Student ID cards are required to check out textbooks and materials. Students need to bring their current student body cards in order to check out textbooks. Payment is required for all lost or damaged textbooks. Damages include writing with pencils, pens or highlighters, torn pages, broken bindings, or liquid damage. Textbooks must be protected with a thick paper cover. These are available free of charge in the library.

Tutors and Personalized Support

Contact the Counseling Center or visit the Tutoring Center in room 214. After-school tutoring is available Monday through Thursday until 4 pm.


Parents/guardians are welcome to visit district schools. All visitors must report to the office upon entering school property. While parents/guardians are always welcome to visit classrooms, as a courtesy to teachers, visits must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Visitors without a student currently enrolled in a school may also visit, but they must schedule their visit 24 hours in advance through the main office.