Dual Language Immersion

The goal of language immersion is for students to become proficient in a second language and develop an increased cultural awareness. We are pleased to offer a dual language pathway to students at CHS.

CSD Dual Language Immersion Graduate

Qualifying students must complete four credits of Dual Immersion and complete the DI: Curso Culminante capstone project. Upon completion of the requirements, these students receive official recognition at graduation (a stole will be worn).

Lead teacher Amanda Filloy Sharp teaches Dual Immersion Spanish at CHS and oversees the Bilingual Seal program. “The state-wide adoption of a Seal of Biliteracy is a huge step in recognizing the high level of academic proficiency these students are achieving. Our entire country needs to move towards biliteracy. It provides us with a deeper understanding of self and of other people, and fosters a more culturally sensitive perspective.”


Oregon Seal of Biliteracy

Oregon Seal of Biliteracy
Qualifying students will have met all essential skills in English and either score a 4 or 5 on the AP Spanish test prior to graduation or complete the DI: Curso Culminante capstone project. Upon successful completion of the requirements, each student receive official recognition at graduation (a silk cord will be worn), notation on the high school transcripts and a seal on the high school diploma.

What makes the Seal of Biliteracy unique is that students must demonstrate cultural competency and develop a portfolio of reading, writing, listening, and speaking in two languages. Part of that portfolio includes completing ten hours of bilingual community service work and writing about that experience. There are multiple paths for Corvallis students to achieve this bilingual proficiency but most have participated in the K-12 Dual Immersion program. Most CHS graduates earning the seal are bilingual in Spanish.