CHS Parent Connection

Parent Connection (PC) is a group of parents and/or guardians organized to foster and facilitate communications within the CHS community. There are many ways to help!

Now Recruiting Volunteers!!

The PC Team is working on rebuilding after the last two years of COVID, so if you’re interested in helping out please reach out to [email protected] to inquire about how you can assist.

Volunteering with PC usually only takes about an hour each month, and there are many ways you can help as a parent/guardian!

Parent Connection Leadership Team (PCLT)

The PCLT manages the day-to-day business of the Parent Connection group and at times acts as a liaison between parents and the staff.

The objectives of the PCLT include:

  • Promote communication between parents and/or guardians, students, Corvallis High School administration and staff, and the Corvallis School District.
  • Promote parental involvement and school-wide community building.
  • Conduct fundraising to support these objectives.

The PCLT assist with volunteer coordination, staff appreciation, staff dinners during conferences, back to school events and conferences. We are always looking for ways to reach out to parents, improve processes and help ensure information is communicated.

If you are interested in helping with any of the above, please contact the parent volunteer at [email protected]

What Do I Need to Do to Volunteer?

All volunteers must pass a criminal background check before they can volunteer. The background check will be good for two years. Background checks can sometimes take up to two weeks, so plan ahead and sign up soon if you’re planning on volunteering in the near future. Please contact the main office if you have any questions. You can reach the CHS parent volunteer coordinator at [email protected]