Preparing for College

Information about preparing for college and community college can be overwhelming. We’ve done some research to offer you links to our favorite websites and checklists. Looking for more information after looking through these resources? Stop by the Beyond CHS office and we can help!

College Planning Online Resources

Oregon Goes To CollegeStart your journey here with the information and resources you need! Explore colleges, community colleges and trade schools; learn how to apply and pay for college; and how to attend and be successful. 

EEMC – A nonprofit organization assisting students and their families plan and pay for college. Some of these publications, such as Opportunities, are available in Beyond CHS. 

Big Future by College Board – Browse majors and career profiles to learn about helpful high school courses and skills, download high school planning checklists, search colleges and explore how to pay for college.

I’m First – Advice, support and information for students who are the first in their family to go to college.

Find a College – Find the right college for you using this College Board Search Tool.

Explore Careers  – Whether you’re just starting to explore career paths or already have yours planned out, Career Finder helps you take the next step.

OSAC Financial Aid ResourcesOSAC helps Oregon students pursue their college and career goals.