Career Learning

The future is Spartan, and we want to make sure that our students feel prepared to be successful beyond Corvallis High School. With the help of Oregon CIS and assignments like creating a resume, developing an education plan, participating in a career convention, completing a senior project and career shadow, we guide students as they build a foundation for the post-secondary pathway of their choice.

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OregonCIS – one of the most complete career information systems available. Students use this program to build their first resume, identify career interests, learn about financial literacy, and more. Contact the Counseling office or Beyond CHS for assistance in using the program.

*NEW* Career Learning Portal – This site is intended to give Corvallis High School students and parents the opportunity to access and submit any Career Education requirements in the summer or throughout the school year. Parents can download and submit authorization forms for career shadow and students can download and submit their senior project or career shadow assignments. As Beyond CHS develops more of an online presence, we welcome the CHS community’s feedback on navigating and using the site.

Career Convention – The Benton County High School Career Convention is a partnership between the Corvallis School District 509J, Oregon State University’s College of Business (COB), Austin Entrepreneurship Program (AEP), Benton County High Schools, Corvallis Public Schools Foundation, and Corvallis Chamber of Commerce to provide a career development opportunity for high school students in Benton County. This event also provides students with the opportunity to meet state career requirements in a professional business setting.

Career Shadow – The career shadow is an opportunity for students to connect with professionals in different industries, learn about a career pathway, and experience their workplace environment. This activity is intended for students to explore options post-graduation to help with their decision in choosing careers and pathways. As a requirement of the Oregon diploma, we understand that it may be difficult for students to complete this assignment. Whether it be finding people to shadow or preparing for the shadow itself, Beyond CHS is willing to assist the student in making the assignment meaningful.

Extended Application/Senior Project – A culmination of a student’s academic and career learning, the Extended Application (also known as the Senior Project) is designed for a graduating senior to utilize their strengths and skills to complete a project that aligns with their interests. Past projects include fundraising campaigns for a charitable organization, spreading awareness on community issues, and serving as a leader of a sports, camp, or other youth groups.

Volunteer, Field Trip, and Job Opportunities – Want to learn more about volunteering in the community, attending a field trip of your interest, or how to get a job and where? Beyond CHS has expert staff members, many helpful parent volunteers, and lots of resources to help you in room 120!

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