Online Student Course Requests for 2017-2018

Counselors explain the course request process and students pick up important course selection materials:

 March 21st  |  Current Juniors
 March 22nd  |  Current 8th graders at Linus Pauling
(Language Arts classes)
 March 23rd  |  Current Sophomores and Freshmen
 April 3rd  |  Current 8th graders at Franklin, Ashbrook, Waldorf

Counselors will meet briefly meet with each student to answer questions and finalize course requests.  Please have your course request materials ready by this date.

 April 5th  |  Current Juniors
 April 6th  |  Current 8th Graders at Linus Pauling (PE Classes)
 April 11th  |  Current Sophomores
 April 14th  |  Current 8th Graders at Ashbrook, Waldorf
 April 17th  |  Current Freshmen
 April 24th  |  Current 8th Graders at Franklin