Subscribe to CHS E-news

We provide regular communications about school activities and information via email. This enables quick and broad dissemination of messages to ensure that families are well-informed in a timely manner. You may subscribe or unsubscribe at any time. Our district utilizes Google Groups for this service. Please contact the office you have any questions.

Subscribe to CHS-News

  1. Send an email to from the email you wish to receive messages.
  2. You will receive an immediate confirmation email to confirm that you agree to be added to the group. Click “Join This Group.”
  3. Check your SPAM folder if you didn’t receive the email in your inbox.
  4. Remember to add the group to your “approved” email list. This will prevent messages from going to your junk email folder.
  5. If the link in Step 1 does not work for you, please copy and paste the address into the “To” field of a new email and send.


  1. Send an email to from the email address where you wish to receive messages.
  2. You will receive an immediate confirmation email from the system that your email has been removed from the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have subscribed but I am not receiving e-mails.

Some e-mail accounts have aggressive junk-mail and spam filters. If you are not receiving email messages after subscribing to the listserv, you may need to set up a filter in your mailer to allow the listserv messages to go to your inbox. A filter to accept any message with the string CHS-News in the subject line usually solves this.

Is a Google email account required to subscribe?

No. Any email domain can be set up to receive the CHS-News messages.

Can I update my email address?

Yes. Follow the instructions above to add and remove your email. You will need to have access to both of your emails. Send an UNSUBSCRIBE email from the email you wish to delete and open the email you wish to use and send a SUBSCRIBE email from that account. Please contact the school office if you need assistance.

Can I manage how often I receive e-mail messages?

Yes. If you create an account, you can manage the way you receive e-mails from the group. It does not have to be Google account. You can set up an account that uses any e-mail domain, such as Comcast, Hotmail, or Yahoo. You can also change which email account receives CHS News messages under “settings” in Google Groups.

Is there an archive of CHS-News messages?

Yes. Every message that has been distributed to the CHS-News email group is archived and can be accessed using the button below.

Can I reply to a CHS-News messages?

No. Please send your email to the contact provided in the email. Please direct any general school inquiries to the school office.

Can I submit a message for distribution through CHS-News?

This communication channel is for school business only. Please contact the school office if you have questions.