Spartan Weekly Roundup October 21- October 27, 2019


Please call the Attendance line, 541.757.5888, for all matters pertaining to your student’s absences: sick days, late arrivals, early departures, middle of the day appointments, etc.  You may get a recording because the attendance line is a busy one!  In that case, leave a detailed message.  Mrs. Begin listens to messages every few minutes throughout the day.

Bi-lingual Parents Night will be held in the CHS Library at 6 pm on October 23.

Parent/Teacher Conferences in the CHS cafeteria commmons will take place on October 30, from 5-8 pm, and on October 31, from 12-4 pm.  (Note: October 31 is a No School day.)   These are arena-style conferences, meaning parents and guardians (and students, if you like) will meet with teachers on a first-come, first-served basis.  We ask that participants be prepared to spend no more than 10 minutes with each teacher, so that all will have a chance to meet.

No school on October 31st!

The Tutoring Center is open from 7:30 am to 4 pm, Monday through Thursday, and from 7:30 am to 3:05 pm on Fridays.  Come to room 224 for help with any subject, or to make up tests.  Get help with college essays, science lab reports, and more! Weekend online editing available.  See Mrs. Weiler in 224 for all your tutoring needs!


Beyond CHS

Seniors:  If you submitted an online transcript request between September 20 and October 3, please resubmit your request using the online Transcript Order Form. Due to technical issues, transcript requests placed between those dates did not process correctly.  Questions or concerns?  Please see Mrs. Keller in Counseling.

PSAT at CHS, October 30.  Sophomores are automatically enrolled for free testing.  Juniors should take the test if they want to be considered for the National Merit program and its related scholarships.  The fee for juniors is $23.  Fee waivers are available; check the College Board fee waiver criteria.

Beyond CHS is now on Instagram!


A critical ingredient in the safe school recipe is the practiced classroom response to incidents at school. Our school actively drills four main Standard Response Protocols (SRPs): Lockout, Lockdown, Evacuate, and Shelter. Some emergency situations at school may involve a danger inside the building. This could include an angry person, an unexpected animal roaming the hallways, or an active threat of another type. In these situations, students and staff follow the Lockdown protocol. During a Lockdown, all staff and students move to a safe location, lock the door, turn out the lights, and remain silent. Cell phones are turned off or silenced in order to avoid unexpected noises. District protocols also allow for “self-evacuation” in these cases if safe and appropriate. Staff and students self-evacuating are asked to check in with the district office from a safe location as soon as possible to aid in accountability processes.

During the month of October, we will be focusing on our current Lockdown protocol – staff will be trained and discuss tactics, students and staff will practice, and staff will assess current procedures for potential enhancements. We will conduct a lockdown drill on October 23rd.

Please respect the No Idling Zone and Fire Lane signs posted around the school.  If you wait for your student in your car, please park in a designated parking spot so that the Fire Lanes are clear, and please turn your car off.  It makes the air just a bit cleaner for all.  And not using gas saves you money!

For a list of CHS Clubs and other student organizations, click here.

Bus Routes Updated, Effective October 1
District staff has been working with our bus contractor to review and modify bus routes to better serve our students and families.
New routes will be in effect on Tuesday, October 1 and are available at this link
All school bus routes are published on the district website:
Please contact STA at 541-275-1079 if you have questions or concerns.

Baby Ads and Senior Photos

Baby Ads and Senior Photos are due Friday, November 1st!  If you’ve already taken your senior photos or already pulled together pictures for your baby ad, submit them NOW at
  • The school code is chs (all letters lowercase)

Don’t wait until the last minute! Late submissions will incur a late fee of $20 that will be added to your student account.

If you want a yearbook staff member to take a yearbook portrait for free, come and see Ms. Knoke in Rm 116 soon to make an appointment. You may email her at