Spartan Weekly Roundup June 10-16

Extracurricular Activities & Sports

Last Day of School for grades 9-11, June 18

Dress Code Reminder – Despite the beautiful weather, exposed midriffs and chests are not part of the Spartan dress code.  Please Cover the Core!

Graduation Gown Bank  CHS is restocking its Graduation Gown Bank for the class of 2020 and beyond.  In the short run, the Bank allows us to offer gowns to graduating students for whom the cost is prohibitive.  In the long run, we’d like to have enough gowns to make available to all students; families won’t have to spend money needlessly, and we’ll cut down on the number of gowns we add to the waste stream.  Please consider saving your student’s gown for younger siblings, passing it along to friends’ or neighbors’ children, or donating it to the CHS Gown Bank: just bring your gown to the office after graduation and we’ll be glad to take it off your hands.  Thank you!

Beyond CHS

Beyond CHS is now on Instagram!  Encourage your students to follow @beyondchs and their names will be added to a prize drawing!

OSU STEM Summer Day Camp registration is open.  Topics include: Coding, iINVENT, Web Design, Engineering, Computer Graphics, Cybersecurity, Biochemistry, Sketch Up, Computational Biology, Drones & Legos, Powered Machines, DNA Biology & Bioinformatics, Lego Robotics, ActivityBots, Math, Wildlife Science, and Raspberry Pi.


Click here for complete instructions for online course selection and registration for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Independent Study Online Health 2  – Students who wish to take this class over the summer should pick up application forms at the Counseling Center, or in room 203.  Completed forms and the $125 payment are due to the Counseling Center by June 14.

Tutoring Center – The Tutoring Center is open Monday through Thursday, from 7:30 am until 4 pm, and on Fridays from 7:30 am to 3:35 pm. Come to room 224 for help with Math, English, Science, Social Studies, and Spanish. Snacks are provided for students who are signed in and working.

The Tutoring Center Writing Lab offers assistance with pre-writing, drafting, and editing. Tutors can help with college essays, science lab reports, and more! Weekend online editing is also available by request. Come and see Mrs. Weiler in room 224 for all your writing needs!

Buchanan Entrance Update

Want an easy way to save money?  Turn your car engine off while you wait for your student outside of the school.  By turning your engine off, you’ll save gas, save money, and keep the air a bit cleaner.  Thank you!

We appreciate your use of the 11th street entrance during morning drop off and afternoon pick up.  Although the situation on Buchanan Avenue has improved, there are now drivers who stop in the bike lane there to discharge or retrieve their students. Stopping a car in a bike lane is unsafe and unlawful. Thank you for helping keep CHS and our community safe.

Gracias por dejar o recoger a sus estudiantes de CHS en la entrada de la calle 11 y disminuir así los problemas de seguridad del tráfico en la avenida Buchanan. Aunque ya han disminuido, todavía hay personas que se detienen momentáneamente en el carril de bicicletas para dejar o recoger a sus estudiantes. Detenerse en el carril para bicicletas es inseguro e ilegal. Gracias por ayudar a mantener la seguridad en CHS y en nuestra comunidad.