Attendance Matters! Changes in tardy and attendance recording this fall

In our continuing effort to better track attendance and identify patterns in student attendance data, starting in September 2019, we are implementing a few changes.

Attendance will be recorded by teachers in 90-minute blocks (the length of one class period). In the past, attendance was taken twice each class period. With better data, school staff will be able to improve systems for supporting regular attendance. Every day matters!

As a result of this change to attendance recording practices, students will be marked tardy or absent according to the following guidelines:

  • If a student is up to 18 minutes late to class (20% of class) they will be marked as tardy.
  • If a student misses more than 18 minutes of class (20% of class) at any time they will be marked as absent.

Please contact the attendance office to excuse your student’s absence.

Parents/guardians of students who have an unexcused absence in the first period of the day will receive an automated phone call at 9:30 am. A second call regarding attendance for the entire day will be made after 3:05 p