Thank you for volunteering at CHS!

Volunteers are always needed in some capacity at CHS and notices are sent out periodically via ListServ for specific activities. However, if at any time you are interested in volunteering at CHS, you can contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Tracy Lengwin, at

The Corvallis 509J District Office has changed their Criminal History/Background Check policy.

As of August 2012, the background check needs to be completed ONLINE, versus filling out a hard copy. This policy change “speeds up” the background check process and allows our parent volunteers to be in our building sooner.

Instructions for volunteering at Corvallis High School:

Complete the online Volunteer Application Form (which includes background check) (Updated)

For more information on volunteering in the school district visit the Corvallis 509J School Disctrict Volunteer Page.


ATTENTION ALL PARENTS WHO VOLUNTEER AT CHS:  Anytime you are visiting or volunteering at CHS, please sign-in using our HelpCounter computer located at the volunteer desk.  HelpCounter is on-line sign-in sheet that allows the school to know who is in the building should there be an emergency.  In addition, it allows you and the school to track your volunteer hours.  All volunteers must clear a Criminal Background Check before volunteering.  If you are volunteering and you name does not appear in the HelpCounter as a Volunteer, then please contact the school Administrator and complete the online Criminal Background and Application form found at:

Volunteers needed for Sports

Successful activities take a lot of support and volunteer time. In tthe past, CHS has been fortunate to have terrific support for its sports programs. Help doing things like taking money, working concessions, filming games, providing transportation are all needed. Helping out can be fun, and is always appreciated. Please say “yes” when asked to help. We start out needing team parents for each level of every sport, then those parents will ask others to help out where needed. If you are interested in being a team parent, please let the coach know at the beginning of the season.