CHS in the 1910’s

CHS in the 1910’s

Clubs and Societies

Many different clubs and societies existed at CHS during the 1910s. These included literary clubs such as the Florensians and the Webstertarians, and the Thespian’s drama.
Sports and Activities

The sports that were played at CHS haven’t changed much since 1911. In fact many of the merits that the sports brought to CHS and the community have not degraded since the turn of the century either. Students still show their school spirit, CHS teams still try their hardest to win (And often do!) and the traditions that built the school, like after game dances, still continue today. The students of Corvallis High may have not always been Spartans, but they have always had the Spartan spirit. This showed up in the 1910’s in the form of the girl’s basketball team, which was one of the best, as well as the boys football team.

Students and Staff

Back in the heyday of 1917 there were less than four hundred students at CHS, which is a pale comparison to the nearly twelve hundred students now. The staff of back then nearly numbered thirty while during the 1997-98 school year there was 109. In fact the senior class barely outnumbered the staff. But with time comes growth of the city and growth of the school. And over the course of eighty years years the numbers of average students per class has only risen by ten. It still goes to show that the teachers and students of CHS still care about the important part of school, learning.

Fashion was also big at CHS but it was a far cry from the fashion of today. Of course all the girls wore dresses and the boys slacks and sports coats, but often a school emblem was worn somewhere on the student’s piece of outerwear. As represented in the pictures, people did not smile. Why nobody’s smiling is a good question, but no one wants to step forward with an answer.
Historical Events

  • 1908- the first car was brought to Oregon.
  • 1912-On April 14th the Titanic sunk.
  • 1914- Germany declares war on Europe.
    Odds and Ends

The current location of CHS in central Corvallis is not it’s original home. In fact, CHS’s first site was in central park, then during the late thirties the new CHS was built and later in the forties CHS burned down. Another interesting note about the early teen’s CHS is that it had it’s own student firefighter squad. CHS also had one of the first all physics science teacher who served at CHS for more than thirty years.