Aug. 21, 1929: Fighting between the Soviets and Chinese breaks out in the Chinese province of Manchuria.

Sept. 26, 1929: U. S. President Calvin Coolidge signs 1,000 autographs in 3.5 hours.

Oct. 24, 1929: The stock market crashes and is forever known as The Black Thursday Crash.

Nov. 29, 1929: Commander Richard E. Byrd returns to his home base in Antarctica, after completing the first aerial survey of the South Pole.

Dec. 22, 1929: Soviet troops retreat from Manchuria after truce between Russia and China.


Jan. 28, 1930: The U. S. celebrates (or protests) the 10th anniversary of Prohibition.

Feb. 26, 1930: First traffic light installed in New York City

March 12, 1930: Mahatma Gandhi begins his famous Salt March.

April 5, 1930: Gandhi makes salt to defy British law.

May 24, 1930: New planet given the name Pluto.

June 3, 1930: New York City’s population reported to be 6.4 million.

July 26, 1930: Stalin gives speech which justifies the purges of individuals from the Communist Party.

Aug. ?, 1930: It is announced that Babe Ruth in now making more than President Hoover.

Sept. 14, 1930: The Nazi Party becomes the 2nd biggest party in Germany.

Nov. 5, 1930: An explosion in an Ohio mine traps 160 men.

Nov. 30, 1930: Mary Harris “Mother” Jones, the famous patron of women’s rights, dies at the age of 100.

Oct. 8, 1930: The Philadelphia Athletics win the World Series at home, beating St. Louis in the sixth game, 7-1.

Oct. 23, 1930: President Hoover forms a committee to combat the deepening depression.

Oct. 26, 1930: Vargas takes power in Brazil after toppling the Luis government.

Nov. 20, 1930: British officials discuss the nationalization of some of their colonies.

Dec. 31, 1930: The number of jobless Americans reaches 4 million.

CHS IN 1930

(This is the 1930 orchestra. )(This is the cast for the 1930 play ‘Penrod.’ )(This is a picture of the 1930 football team.Their record was 4-3-1. Front row- Michalson, Avery, Beals, Adams,Underwood, Yundt, H. Conner.  Second row- Coach Parker, Tweed,Wagner, Pittman, Walters, Ash, Brown, Daily. Back row- McFadden, Lowe, K. Conner, Fairfield, Dixon, Swain, Keasey, Murphy, Breon,Coach Hukill. )9This is a picture of the 1930 basketball team.  Their team record was 8-2.  Front row-  Taylor, Patterson, McLaughlin, Swain, Flint, Daily.  Back row-  Hardenburger, Griswold, Wagner, Tweed, Lowe, Coach Parker.)

Jan. 20, 1931: Unemployment in Europe at record numbers.

Feb. 1, 1931: “Dracula” starring Bela Lugosi opens in theaters.

March 3, 1931: President Hoover signs a bill making “The Star Spangled Banner” the nation’s national anthem.

April 11, 1931: An alleged Communist industrial spy network is uncovered in Germany.

May 31, 1931: Pope Pius XI declares that no Catholic can be fascist.

June 19, 1931: Three heads of the Bank of the United States are found guilty of misappropriation of funds.

July 2, 1931: Wiley Post and Harold Gatty finished their round-the-world flight in 15 hours, 51 minutes

Aug. 8, 1931: The Goodyear Corporation produces the first American dirigible.

Sept. 30, 1931: 5000 unemployed Brit’s ransack London during riot.

Oct. 24, 1931: Al Capone is sent to Alcatraz.

Nov. 7, 1931: Japanese forces halt their offensive against China to avoid a potential conflict with Russia.

Dec. ?, 1931: Boris Karloff becomes a star thanks to his performance in “Frankenstein.”

Jan. 30, 1933: Hitler is named Chancellor of Germany.

Feb. 26, 1933: Ground is broken for the Golden Gate Bridge.

March 20, 1933: The Nazi’s open the first concentration camp.

April 4, 1933: The Airship Akron crashes at sea. 73 dead.

May 10, 1933: Nazi’s burn all banned books.

June 18, 1933: Hitler threatens to take the children of all who do not follow the Nazi Party.

July 1, 1933: Amelia Earhart flies from Los Angeles to Newark in 17 hours, 17 minutes.

July 17, 1933: The voters of District 9 pass bond issue, supplemented by a government grant,that will allow the city to build a new high school building.

Aug. 23, 1933: Mahatma Gandhi is released from prison and weighs only 90 pounds.

Sept. 23, 1933: Austria to set up concentration camps to intern Nazis.

Oct. 27, 1933: 20 are killed in Jaffa after rioters protest the immigration of Jews into Palestine.

Nov. 17, 1933: The United States recognizes the Communist government in Russia.

Dec. 5, 1933: Prohibition ends.This is the 1933 high-o-scope staff

Jan 28, 1934: John Dillinger, the famous bank robber, and his six accomplices are apprehended.

March 3, 1934: John Dillinger breaks out of an Indiana jail by using wooden pistols.

April 8, 1934: A riot breaks out at a Nazi rally in New York City.

May 23, 1934: The famous bank robbing duo of Bonnie and Clyde are shot to death by Texas Rangers.

June 30, 1934: Hitler orders the deaths of several rebels who threatened his plans concerning German storm troopers.

July 14, 1934: Hitler stops paying the debts forced upon Germany for losing WW1.

Aug. 19, 1934: 17 days after the death of German president, Paul von Hindenburg, Hitler is named president of Germany.

Sept. 7, 1934: Senator Huey “Kingfish” Long orders 2,000 troops into New Orleans in anticipation of violence during the upcoming election.

Oct. 9, 1934: King Alexander of Yugoslavia is assassinated during his visit to France.

Nov. 28, 1934: Gangster George “Babyface” Nelson is found dead in a ditch outside Chicago.

Dec. 1, 1934: Stalin aide, Sergei Kirov, is murdered by Leonis Nikolaev. Stalin is using the incident as an excuse to purge more rivals of the Communist Party from Russia.

Jan. 17, 1935: Sergei Kirov’s killers are convicted and get a total of 137 years in prison.

Feb. 13, 1935: Bruno Hauptmann is convicted of the kidnapping and murder of the Lindbergh baby. He was immediately executed after the trial.

March 11, 1935: German air force becomes official part of the German government.April 11, 1935: Dust storms cover nearly half the United States during the famous “Dust Bowl.”

May 19, 1935: Col. T. E. Lawrence, AKA “Lawrence of Arabia,” dies 17 days after a terrible motorcycle accident.June 20, 1935: Alex Carrel along with famous flier Charles A. Lindbergh, announce the creation of new life support system.

July 26, 1935: A group of Communists raid the ocean liner, Bremen, while it is docked in New York and throw all Nazi symbols and paraphernalia into the Hudson River.

Aug. 14, 1935: Social Security is enacted.

Sept. 10, 1935: Senator Huey “Kingfish” Long is assassinated in the Louisiana Capitol Building.

Oct. 28, 1935: Mussolini ordered his army to invade Ethiopia.

Nov. 2, 1935: 28 Nazi spies are arrested in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

Dec. 23, 1935: The Lindbergh family leaves the U. S. after threats of more kidnappings.

CHS IN 1935

Sept. 12, 1935: The Corvallis City Council has granted CHS permission to use the block bound by 15th, 16th, Polk, and Taylor Street to be used as the football practice field. There is one stipulation though, the players must return the field in the same condition in which they found it.

Sept. 20, 1935: R. M. Adams arrives at CHS as the new agriculture teacher.

Sept. 26, 1935: Many students fail to register for the fall semester at CHS. Students must fill out a registration card, obtain a locker, and take a physical examination. The fee for physical education courses is 75 cents, and must be paid as well.

(This is the 1935 stamp club)

(This is a picture of the 1935 varsity football team.  Front row- Keiser, Greenwood, Daily, Griswold, Warren, Lane, Post, Graves, Pflugrad, Kruger, Avery.  Second row- Johnson, Willoughby, C., Batcheller, Martin, Tunison, Davis, Abraham, Witzig, Brown, K., McFadden, Willoughby, E., Miller.  Third row- Adams, Mannheimer, Stone, Bailey, Parker, Hand Roland, Blackledge, Miller, S., Beyerlein, Brown, J., Hunt, Torson.)

( In 1935, this CHS basketball team won the title, beating Eugene in the last conference game.  Ali Sandoz scored 202 points that season. Front row- Johnson, Abraham, Pratt, Kruger, Pflugrad, Blackledge. Back row- Sandoz, F., Robinson, Torson, Warren, Sandoz, A.)

Jan. 28, 1936: King George V dies at the age of 70. His successor, Edward VIII, takes the throne of England.

Feb. 26, 1936: First Volkswagen Beetle makes its appearance in Germany.

March 7, 1936: Nazi forces enter the demilitarized zone known as the Rhineland. This act violates the Treaty of Versailles.

April 30, 1936: Ethiopia surrenders to Italian forces.May 4, 1936: In a New Jersey laboratory, radioactivity is used to cure cancer in mice.

June 17, 1936: Heinrich Himmler is named head of the Reich police (SS).

July 3, 1936: A Czech Jew shot himself at a League of Nations meeting to protest the treatment of Jews in Germany.

Aug. 31, 1936: Civil war breaks out in Spain.

Sept. 1, 1936: Hitler opens the Olympic Games in Berlin.

Oct. 10, 1936: Germany threatens to counter any Russian aid to Spain’s civil war.

Nov. 3, 1936: FDR is named president for second term.

Dec. 30, 1936: Seven GM plants shut down due to strikes.

CHS IN 1936

Jan. ?, 1936: The Corvallis High School Varsity Basketball team wins the Basketball State Championship of Oregon. The team won by beating Franklin High School, 34-20.

(This is the 1936 drama club)

Jan. 13, 1937: The U. S. government bans Americans from serving in the Spanish Civil War.

Feb. 16, 1937: The Du Pont Company patents nylon.

March 18, 1937: A fire in a Texas school kills 500 children.

April, 1937: The Golden Gate Bridge becomes the longest bridge in the world. April 19,

May 6, 1937: The dirigible Hindenburg explodes over Lakehurst, New Jersey.

June 12, 1937: Stalin orders the death of 8 of his high level generals.

July 18, 1937: Amelia Earhart disappears somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.

Aug. 8, 1937: 115 people are seized in Berlin after an anti-Nazi rally.

Sept. 5, 1937: In a Nazi show of power, 600,000 men parade through Nuremberg.

Oct. 10, 1937: Sir Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Fascist Party lead a rally in Liverpool and was stoned by Communist demonstrators for his efforts.

Nov. 29, 1937: Nazi judges force parents to give up children because of the parent’s decision to not teach their children Nazi ideology

Dec. 22, 1937: The Japanese apologize for the mistaken sinkings of three U.S. vessels in China.

1938: General Fracisco Franco calls for the surrender of all loyalist forces and declares the Spanish Civil War over.

Jan. 1, 1938: U.S. census shows that nearly 8 million citizens are jobless.

Feb. 4, 1938: Hitler promotes himself to the position of Commander of the German armed forces.

March 14, 1938: Hitler’s forces enter Austria and are hailed as heroes.

May 30, 1938: All Czechs between the age of six and sixty are sent by train to do defense work on the Czech/German border.

June 15, 1938: Major League pitcher Johnny Vander Meer pitched his second no-hitter in a row.

July 1, 1938: Italy tries to slow the publishing of books by Jews.

Aug. 27, 1938: The British government warns the Nazis that if they invade Czechoslovakia, it will mean world war.

Sept. 27, 1938: The H. M. S. Queen Elizabeth embarks on her maiden voyage.

Oct. 30, 1938: Orson Welles fools the American public with his radio skit, “War of the World’s.”

Nov. 9, 1938: Jewish businesses and residences are vandalized during “Crystal Night.”

Dec. ?, 1938: The comic book hero “Spiderman” makes his debut.

Jan. 26, 1939: General Franco takes the city of Barcelona and control of Spain.

Feb. 22, 1939: 22,000 American Nazis hold a rally in Madison Square Garden.

March 15, 1939: Nazi forces overrun Czech defenses and take Prague

April 30, 1939: The New York World’s Fair opening ceremonies are attended by 600,000.

May 25, 1939: The U.S. submarine Squalus sinks during a training cruise. 26 men died in the incident.

June 21, 1939: Illness forces Lou Gehrig to quit baseball.

July 6, 1939: Nazis force Jews to join the Union of Jews


CHS IN 1939

(This is the 1939 archery club)

(This is a picture of the 1939 varsity football team.  Top row – McKenzie, Thompson, D. Cramblett, Van Fossen, Schoenfeld, Elliot, Stone, Currin.  Second row – Nyberg, Morgan, Kiger, Kelty, Apple, Fisher, Greig, Felton, Saxton.  Third row – Smith, Bryan, Wiegand, Lemon, Britton, Reynolds, Fry, Johnson.  Front row – Ramey, Pitney, Crooks, Truax, Nevills, Parker, Anderson, Hindes, Graves.  Kneeling – Bodner, Axelson, Tuttle. )(This is the 1939 basketball team.  Top row – Waterman, Dehnig, Rounds, Warren, Hand, Whippo, Lemon. Bottom row – Tuttle, Cole, Kielblock, Burchell, Black, Simmons, Wiegand.)