Corvallis High in the 1920's

Clubs and Societies

Blue “C” Club was organized in 1919 to further the interests in athletics at CHS. The members of the club are CHS letter – winning athletes.  The entire responsibility of policing, taking and selling tickets, getting the floor or field ready for a game has rested entirely on Blue “C” club’s shoulders.
It is considered an honor to be admitted to the club, and a person belonging to it shows that he has done something for his school worth mentioning.

The Basketball Team

(Left) The CHS 1923 Football Team, (Right) The CHS Girl's Basketball Team of 1921 - Abbie Keasey, Leta Orner, Tessie Durgin
Georgia Law, Lucille Hathaway, Lila Thurman

"The Hodoo" May 19, 1919

(Below) CHS Band 1924-26 State Champions

1929 Model Airplane Club

The World Outside Corvallis

Roars of the world – U.S. Profile
Population 1920:    105,710,620

Presidents that served in the 20s
Warren G. Harding (Republican) 1920 – 1924
Calvin Coolidge (Republican) 1924 – 1928
Herbert C. Hoover (Republican) 1928 – 1932
Immigration: Emergency Quota Acts of 1921, 1924 and 1929 severely limit immigration into U.S.
Prohibition: Ratified as 18th Amendment to the Constitution in 1919, spawned big-city gangsters and alcohol problems. Light (3.2 percent alcohol wine) legalized in 1920s. Repealed by 21st Amendment in 1933.
Al Capone: A booze distributor, began six years of gangster warfare in Chicago in 1925.

Rate of 17-year olds who graduated from high school: More than one in four.
“Learning by doing” principle set by Professor John Dewey of Columbia University
“Monkey Trial” in Dayton, Tennessee, 1925. John T. Scopes, a high school biology teacher was indicted for teaching evolution.

Henry Ford develops an efficient assembly line, starting off America’s love affair with the automobile. By 1929, 26 million motor vehicles registered in the U.S.
Perishable goods became more marketable as transportation speed increased.
$$$$$$$: Stock market crashed on “Black Tuesday”, October 29, 1929
U.S. News & World Report (Apologies to the magazine!)

Aviation:In 1927, Charles Lindbergh flew a single-engine airplane Spirit of St. Louis from New York to Paris in 33 hours, 39 minutes.
Fordney-McCumber tariff law raises tariffs and halts the international trade.
First transcontinental airmail route established

1920 politics: Uncle Sam was reluctant to recognize Russia’s new Communist government, and that dampened the diplomatic relations and trade.